Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Morning Bloggers!

It´s been cold and rainy here, not much of autumn aproaching these days.
Just the right weather to hang on the computer and get things done.

I have started to check on all my traditional Albums, Pictures,
and files of Scrapbooking and Photos on the Computer...

I did not know how to start out.
Now I do know.
I have a plan!

I first took a look through all my albums I have done so far.
I took a look at all the files that got saved, and all the finished digital
layouts I have left.

Now my plan is:
1. I have to finish an album I have once started for my mom .. its only 20 Pages
to finish, photos are here... so one more traditional Scrapbook to finish first. to get me going with this.

2. I am typing off a list with all the happenings back when till now

3. I am making a list, of whos album goes what happening to
( I have kids albums, and family album and need to start a album just for hubby and me,.. later on when i am up to date with all the already developed pictures and such, I will redo OLD albums back when i wasnt scrapbooking yet)

4. I have to decide what to do with digital Scrapbooking and what to do the traditional way

5. I will get started on my littlest ones Scrapbook and get this up to date
6. I will get on my " Hubby and me" Scrapbook, from the day we started dating to now
7. I will get at my older boys scrapbook, because I want to redo his baby album, and then fnish up what i missed till now
8. And once I am every gonna get up - to date with all this .. I will maybe redo some of the old albums ...not sure how to do that.. because that is back the times when there wasnt digital photografie, and i have it all on negatives and lots of negatives missing...

So,... does that sound like a plan?
I am feeling good about it, alltough I am still a little afraid of starting out.. but getting my moms album done, will hopefully get me in the mood ....

That´s it for today!

Monday, September 20, 2010

About my pain,... trying to come back

Good Morning, how have you been?

I am trying to be brave, and come back to scrapbooking.
My Heart is still bleeding. I have lost so many scrapkits.
Some photos where able to be rescued, but most I lost.
Now I got a new pc last winter, which has a "mirror-hard drive"
Means, everything I do will be saved twice. If one hard drive crashes
I still have one where everything was copied to.

Still it makes me nervous to get started. Still so many kits I havent used yet
And for some photos, I think of those kits I wanted to use, for some kits think of the
photos I wanted to use.
I am missing lots of them, and dont know if I will be brave to buy or freebie-download
me any anymore.

Also I had a horror even taking pictures... only the most important occassions
I had snaped... not even with passion, tough I miss taking time to walk out
and enjoy life behind the lense. I am so horrified to loose anything again.

Last horror happening to me ... and will never again:
My 9 year old turned 10, and I took him to Sea life.
Prepared with camera .... we had a great time, I shot and shot and shot.. so did he with his 1st better digital snappy....
Getting home... there were no pictures... obviously the little one had the camera and played with it, changing all kinds of settings....
So,.. only a few shots of my boys cam... but non of the pretty ones I shot of him in front of the large sea life aquarium...

So, thats been the update here...
I dont know how to go about it...
I still have tons of Traditional Scrapbook Things...
And do also like the photo books you can print online
Also love the digtal art still....

I gotta find my way through... I will see ...
Just wanted to pop in and make myself writing down, like a contract to myself.

happy scrap!
Autumn comes

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Apollogizing for no credits

Hi back!
I miss scrapbooking!! I have pictures and pictures, but I cant scrap with what little is left of my hard drive crash. So, I looked through all my layouts ( all of them are left) and realized, I cant even credit them all anymore.
To all the Designers, I used and to those who would like to know what Designers I used on my layouts, I am so sorry, I now cant credit may layouts, because all my stuff got lost at the crash!!! Maybe, if you come across some you know, please leave me a note in the comment section, and I will sure add this to the Post.
ALSO I HAVE A QUESTION: Can anyone tell me, how I can change the color of the Fonts for the comment links? I see nobody wants to comment, if they cant focus the link for it:-o

Well, we are having issues here again. We are all back hanging with a cold again, also my hubby is having issues,... uhm ... he might suffer a hernia inguinalis, and went to the doc 3 days in a rowe now ... still no definate medical evidence.
Another appointment today, hope this will bring up results. They made him take pain drugs that he is allergic to, and he told them so, and they still made him take these. Some times I just dont get it. What are these guys studying for?

Hm,... that´s been it for today. Need to run to the stationery shop and get a new Fountain pen for my 2nd grader, they are starting to teach them to work with those, and he brought one to school they did not want him to use. Who the F** makes the rules? I dont care what kinda fountain pen it is, as long as he writes well with it?
whatever, now I will go get ANOTHER ONE. ARGH.

Take care ladies, and dont forget to leave your suggestions on the Font Color for Comment Section!

Mommy of 5

I grew to a mommy of 5!!!!
How´s that? Whoohooo! Let me tell the story.

Remember we got my hubby to have these two bunnys?
Ok. We had them. They moved in. I built them a hutch in the back of our yard.
They moved there. After a while I decided, we need to have them in the house for a while so they can get used to the kids being around. OK. We had them in the house, they got to run free at nights. And Brownie even made friends with our Boxer dog Kim.
So far, everything went great. The Preowner and I werent sure, if either one of them was cut. After a while Brownie started to approach Schlappi... and he never gave up. So I had to part them. She moved back out to the hutch and he stayed with us, with plans to have him cut. Well it was about to be Christmas, so no appointment at the vet until January.
Schlappi started carrying together a nest. So I was prepared, that neither one of them was cut. I tryed to find people to take the babies just for "in-case".
After 2 weeks, she would not touch the nest anymore, so I left the nest be and did not worry for a while. I was out there daily twice to feed and clean. After another 2 weeks I removed the nest, since she hasnt touched it in 4 weeks now.
Nobody thought about babys anymore... just until last afternoon.
I needed to clean the hutch and sent David to feed her first, and then I would clean out. Ha. It took him 2 minutes to come back yelling there was baby bunnies:-o
I jumped right out, and sure enough, that little missy had brought us 5 baby bunnies, and had hid them in a corner where I had stored our hay and straw.
Now, these babys must be at least 4 weeks, they are already eating food and jumping and playing around.
So sad, their dad will never get to meet his kids, because he has an appointmet next Thuesday to be cut:-D ( yep, I called right away)
Well, now I am feeding 5 very sweet baby bunnies, and rasing them till they are old enough to be given away. I already have one person that might take 2 of them. The rest we will find new homes too.

So, here some pics to show off, will take more later on:

Monday, January 12, 2009

My life after the crash of the harddrive and my plans

It´s January now, and I read about this sickness called "Dezember Hangover". I can tell you, I think I caught this virus too LOL. We all were so sick during Christmas, and now going back to work, I sure catched right back the next cold:-o I am so sick of that.
I finally am ahead of my chores again, it´s too cold to clean the windows, tough that anoys me to death. And also it´s too cold to clean out the car:-o It´s filzy dirty and messy but oh well, I aint gonna freeze off my toes to clean it out.
K, so here I am thinking about what to do with my crashed Harddrive.
I think I will leave it Rest in peace. I will just start over from the very beginning.
Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the next days ... but I will.
I have so many pictures to scrap, and facing all that pic developed and messy all over my two desks,.. nea,... no option, rather start collecting new freebies:-o :-D But like I say, not right away. I want to get ahead of my mail pile, and some chores outside in the bbbbrrrr cold. Also the attic needs to be organized, after tearing everything apart during christmas.
And maybe I am lucky to get to spend some days "off" with my hubby, it´s to cold for them to go back to work, and he is making some more wood these days ... once he is done with that, I should be done with my crab, and we can go do things without the kids, while they are in school and kindergarden. We´ll see.
Once everything totally went back to routine, I should have the mind to get back to scrapping and collecting. Maybe I need a pinch of new inspiration too.
Also, I am very motivated to start to work out. Have no clue how this is supposed to happen, cause I am very shy, when it comes to work out in a gym .. and to lonesome to work out all by myself. But I sure want to have exercise .... bicycling or so.. I dont know yet, dont have iceskates, would just be the right time.
Well, galls, that´s my plans for now.
See ya soon.....

some winterpics for now

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hard Drive crashed and lost half a year of hard work

First of all, I want to wish you all a happy new year, health, joy and success!
And speaking of success I am at the point, to explain my absences.
I lost my hard drive. I had the pc over at my moms boysfriends to recover,... and he finally got it back working so far. But I lost over a half a year of hard work!
Over 100s of scrappingfiles are missing.
I usually have everything stored on my external hard drive, but it´s USB got broke so my husband transferred everything to my intern harddrive D so it would not get lost.
Ha, and now my Hard Drive and my whole Motherboard of PC f**kd up, and it needed the PC still just shuts off and shows blue screen, and this pc is not even 1 year old.
Now I am more then distracted, demotivated and very upset.
All of you out there know, how much hard work all that is... and I lost it in no time.
Some stuff was even harder work, I was searching for for weeks, trying to get a hold of designers ... to find their very old stuff and make them send it to me... and now its all gone...
I really dont know, if I want to start over. I am lacking of time ever and ever, and the fact of knowing each missing file demotivates me even more.Every single file I opend, realizing how much is missing, puts tears in my eyes!! Even all my own created stuff ... gosh.
I suppose I really need a break, thinking about it.
It hurts bad.
Now I am not even in the mood sharing pics...
I just really dont know what to do.
Hang in there guys,... see ya

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Review

Ok Ok. It´s over. We survived Christmas and our bad cold... kinda ... we got stuck with this mean caugh!
Christmas was strange! The little one got up soooo damn early,having high fever and we went to bed late at 2 or so ... so he was standing there in front of our bed at 5.30am and licking a christmas three styled lolipop:-o Now we were all afraid he would have opened all the gifts by himself LOL, but luckily as we went down he only wanted the loli .. so the big one came down too,... and now get this. David is 8 and after all the opening and "yeays" and "ohs" ... he thanked us both for all the gifts, and he admitted he knows there is no "Christmasangel" (what we call it in some parts of Germany)... I was so bummed because he acted like believing in ...I did not really know how to take this one ... but I guess it´s ok ... I was hoping he would believe in it a little longer... but he is smart how couldn´t I´ve seen this coming?
Well, now we will play this game for Brian ... and David can be the "Big on being generous not telling the little one" LOL
Later in the morning Davids Dad and his gal came over, and more gifts for everyone there, it was nice spending some time with them.
For launch we invited my DH´s Coworker who is Portugese and has no Family around here, also my Father in Law, it was a nice lunch, and Father in Law left early ( he owns a Bar/Restaurant and needed a nap) ... so the rest of the day we spent with Porto and gave him a ride home late afternoon...
Next day we were invited over at my moms house, and spent Lunch there! All the kids were there, but it always seems after receiving the gifts everyone gets lazy to communicate and we left for home around 5.
2nd Christmas labor day my father in law invited us for lunch to a jugoslavien restaurant where i know the owner. I went there the first time, and hell it was so yummy!!!!
Now, yesterday my hubby went for wood with all the boys and I cleaned up a little, at night I went to work.
Today we are heading over to my dads place afternoon, havent seen him in a longer while!

Well, my Christmas pictures turned out horrible.
My camera uses Batteries up in no time, so my hubby handed me my gift. It was a high quality battery charger with high quality batteries, also a handy digicam from "Rollei" for the "In-case"cases.. I jumped right on my new camera, and never thought about the settings, so alllll my christmas pictures turned out strange, or blurry, or dark:-(( :(( now after resetting it, it still doesnt impress me ... I was thinking about bringing it back... but dont wanna hurt my hubs feelings.. so dont know what to do there!
My Hubby is going to have his tattoo he got for christmas tomorrow. He can hardly wait anymore!:-)

Now, Here´s some pics of Christmas... (some with no impressing quality)

here one of the not very impressing ones, the following pics were made over at my moms house
but David was pretty sure THIS is THE GIFT

haha, I am brave enough to show this one
it came, because we were talking about good looking dump pictures